From here to 2020: Achieving Better Outcomes for Children in a Changing World

Our 2015 seminar series will look at bigger picture issues which will bring both opportunities and threats over the next five years.

We will discuss four important topics:

The Economy – Future public spending and what it means for the role of the state.

The Environment – The environment and how we interact with it.

The Digital World – Opportunities and challenges presented by technology and social media.

Society – Changes in family structures, roles and relationships.

Each seminar will begin with presentations from experts who will help us to understand the topics above, followed by discussions among Collaboration members.

The aim of our discussions is to reflect on how these issues might affect families in pregnancy and early life, and the services that work with them.

Seminars will take place on 8 July; 15 September; 14 October and 25 November. Details will be emailed to Collaboration members.

Each seminar will be written up on this site.

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